Investing & Asset management

‚ÄčOur bank places emphasis on utilization of the state of the art technologies and pushing the envelope of modern banking. There most of our managing agents and artificial intelligence bots, that in their have already outgrew performance of human financial advisers, investment analysts, brokers and traders. Although we still offer traditional form of these services upon request.

  • artificial intelligence (AI) investment advisers with realtime market analysis and newsfeeds
  • fully automated asset allocation based on clients desired strategic goals and level of risk aversion
  • AI aided asset allocation allowing clients make their own investment decisions step by step with the optional AI or human agent advise
  • complex AI executed money management taking into account your cash flows, debt, plans and desires
  • with us any type of asset can be added to your portfolio including foreign bonds, options, warrants, futures, spot commodities and even cryptocurrencies or their derivatives
  • we guarantee extremely price competitive execution, liquidation (into fiat or crypto money) and other aforementioned services

In addition to our expert advice, deep expertise and high-profile services are what make our bank a qualified partner for building the present and planning the future of our customers. With over 20 years of average experience withing our team in providing services to clients across global banking sectors, we are committed to supporting customers in all areas of their life with superior products and services.

By working with global investors and consulting with the world's leading business and finance experts, our team can help to create solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and sustainable.

Our own investment fund is structured as a fund of funds resulting in lower volatility and extremely robust diversification. We are currently looking at investment vehicle options ranging from fund of hedge funds, going through individual strong stock picks to gold, multiplied long and short indices ETFs, complex option strategies and other assets. 

We are also currently testing a fund portfolio of cryptocurrencies  and other security tokens via direct crypto holdings or their derivatives. We are in the process of implementing market making platform for these markets as well.