Global services

Our Global Transaction Banking serves all our clients, whether retail or institutional, trans-border banking products and services.

In the following are product classes available in cross-border banking:

  • money transfers
  • foreign currency checking accounts
  • securities transfers
  • swaps
  • escrow services
  • currency conversions
  • facilitation of foreign loans
  • M&A and IPO assistance

We are committed to delivering the industry's best offerings in efficient and effective banking to all our clients.

As an avid adopter of the state of the art fintech our bank serves its clients with novel and innovative , yet thoroughly vetted, products and services that can be also custom tailored to your individual needs.

Members of our team have been actively serving our global customer base in number of countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Mexico, Finland, China, Japan, JAR, Canada, Germany and now the Republic of Angola.

We have a global network of over 230 corresponding banks and other financial institutions facilitating more than $66 billion a year in retail and wholesale financial transactions to to our clients in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide. By offering normally institutional-only products and services also to our retail clients creates unique and much broader products and services portfolio than is generally common; this allows to meet the needs of fintech aware and savy retail or smaller business customers in addition at a very competitive pricing. Our business solutions and tools include capital market services accessible directly by the clients through a direct to markets trading software platform provided by our brokerage partners. We can further facilitate additional services via a network of our partners mostly domiciled within the USA, EU, China and Japan.