Private and business clients

We offer retail and institutional banking products and services.  

Our bank's Personal Banking department offers private individuals and households diversified solutions catering to their finances, asset management needs, insurance & welfare advisory services etc. 

We will work with anyone whether you are planning to purchase a home with the range of our structured mortgages or just open a checking account or exchange currencies. Our customer services are always available for you.

At our bank we offer different forms of planning for all stages and circumstances in your life. We provide advice for managing your budget and/or managing debt.

Products and services Highlights for all types of clients: 

  • Integration of the most effective banking and accounting services. Investment banking expertise across multiple capital markets.
  • A unique approach to individual or corporate asset management including tailor made product development, which process leverages a diverse mix of our teams' areas of expertise, to deliver innovative solutions through a robust customer service model and to satisfy clients custom needs.
  • The Bank's personal finance team is dedicated to helping customers obtain or manage the funds they need. We offer comprehensive financial planning services to cover all aspects in managing clients financial situation, including budgeting, mortgage payment and finance.
  • Our bank offers global advice capable of meeting even the most complex financial needs of your business. We are committed to giving you the best and most reliable advice possible. From managing your investment portfolio to monitoring your other finances, it's all here.
  • A range of proprietary financial tools, such as asset allocation and portfolio management solutions, offer clients the flexibility to make investment decisions based on their own financial circumstances.

We help you with all of your commercial, institutional and financial needs.